Higher Education Symposium

2019 Presentations

Mergers and Acquisitions in Higher Education

This panel discussed the issues and challenges of mergers and acquisitions in the higher education space. The topics included diligence exercises, regulatory oversight and approvals, dealing with debt, employment issues, etc.

GDPR and Privacy/Cybersecurity Update

This panel discussed the latest privacy and cybersecurity developments that every institution of higher education needs to be aware of. View this lively and interactive discussion with a focus on GDPR and trends in cybersecurity.

The False Claims Act in the Context of Research Misconduct Investigations

This panel focused on the False Claims Act and the intersection of the False Claims Act with research misconduct investigations. Can a university be liable under the False Claims Act based on the research misconduct of one of its faculty or non-faculty researchers? What is the scope of potential exposure? Should a university self-report to the government possible false claims that become apparent in the course of a research misconduct investigation? View the video to find out the answers.

The Equity Imperative: Why Massachusetts Must Close Racial & Geographical Opportunity Gaps in Higher Education

Who gets the benefits of a college degree in Massachusetts? The latest data from the Department of Higher Education shows a gap of 43 percentage points in the degree attainment rates of white females and Latino males. Such inequities are not only a matter of social justice, argues the state’s Higher Education Commissioner, Carlos E. Santiago, but they are also an economic concern, given demographic changes that pose enrollment challenges for institutions and hiring challenges for high-skilled industries. In this year’s Higher Education Symposium, Santiago outlined the action plan for closing gaps that spell trouble for a state whose economic fortunes depend on a large and reliable supply of college graduates.

2018 Keynote Address and Presentations

Many hats, multiple opportunities: General Counsel in Higher Education

Ralph Martin, Senior Vice President and General Counsel of Northeastern University, our keynote speaker, spoke on “Many hats, multiple opportunities: General Counsel in Higher Education.”

Recent Developments in 403(b) Plan Excessive Fee Litigation

In 2016, a dozen lawsuits were filed challenging the fees and investment options of retirement plans offered to the employees of several top universities. In this video, Goodwin Partners Jamie Fleckner and Alison Douglass discussed the plaintiff and defense theories and recent developments in these litigations, as well as the risk of additional lawsuits.

False Claims Act and Whitsleblower Risks